May 19, 2016

Dear System 96 Customers,

While we all gather our wits about us after Spectrum’s stunning announcement of their closure plans, Uroboros would like to reassure all System 96 customers that we will carry on with the line.

As a reminder, Uroboros Glass is a founding partner of System 96. We assisted Spectrum as they learned how to produce tested compatible glass with their system, and have produced a large percentage of System 96 colors and styles from the beginning. Here is an outline of Uroboros’ view of a future without a Spectrum Glass.

What Uroboros can do:

Now and near term

  • Continue the ‘distributor and retailer first’ distribution policies System 96 is known for.
  • Uroboros has available production capacity to take on significantly more System 96 production than it currently does, and will be able to ramp up quickly once newly required emission controls are in place and certified later this year.
  • Return prices to near historical normal levels for Uroboros sheet products after emission control equipment is in place and all costs are known.
  • Uroboros has the technical skills to reproduce many of Spectrum’s colors in System 96, and is prepared to do so after Spectrum inventories run out. This will assure continued availability of sheet colors previously made by Spectrum, as well as the frit, stringer, noodle, and rods made from those colors.
  • Make hand mixed streakies in color combinations familiar to Spectrum customers.
  • Make thicknesses up to 5mm, and possibly 6mm with some practice.
  • Make larger format hand cast sheets up to 26” wide and 33” long.

Longer term

  • Make sheets up to 30” x 48” with relatively modest equipment modifications.
  • Continue to make incremental improvements in sheet smoothness as we have in the last couple of years.
  • Continue to add new and innovative hand rolled sheet styles to the System 96 product line.

What Uroboros cannot do: (sorry, folks!)

  • Make very smooth or low bubble count sheets as Spectrum could with their machine rolled process.
  • Make specific Spectrum styles such as Spirit, Opal Art, and Baroque.
  • Match Spectrum prices.
  • Match Spectrum’s very uniform wispy style.

While the possibility of a glass art world without Spectrum looms over all our heads, Uroboros is committed to doing all that they can to ensure that a vibrant fusing world continues in the years ahead.