Style Size Stock Number
Pre-Cut Rounds 13in. diameter (33cm) pre-cut round sheet
Easiest way to cover a small kiln shelf PYROS-13C-100
Sheets 20.5in. x 20.5in. sheets (52cm x 52cm)Perfect for occasional fusers PYROS-20.5X20.5
Craft Roll* 20.5in. wide x 82ft. roll (52cm x 25m)For crafters who want the benefits of a roll as well as the convenience of a space-saving dispensing box PYROS-20.5X82
Studio Roll** 41in. wide x 33ft. roll (104cm x 10m)Provides the opportunity to benefit from purchasing a full width roll without the investment of a full length bulk roll PYROS-41X33
Commercial Bulk Roll 41in. wide x 250ft. bulk roll (104cm x 76m)For serious fusing studios that require a high-volume roll at the lowest price PYROS-41X250