NippitsSmaller, cost-effective, rectangles of glass ideal for project details, nipping, or even just as they are. Each piece measures approximately 2 x 6 and is 100% Spectrum® System 96® Tested Compatible glass. The following products are available packaged in 5-pound boxes:

Aventurine Nippits 
(Assortment of Green, Blue, and Black Aventurine)
Stock #: GN-1-AVMIX

Mixed Color Variety Nippits (Assortment of Opal & Transparent Colors)
Stock #: GN-1-MIX

Clear Nippits 
(All Clear)
Stock #: GN-1-CLR

Note: Nippits are a Recycle product and may display streaks of color or other characteristics not customary in standard sheet glass.

Produced by Spectrum.