As a limited edition line, Fusers’ Reserve gives us the freedom to try new things, experimenting with colors, mixes, and stirs. And that’s how we’re able to put an ever-changing selection of what could be one-of-a-kind glass in each Variety Pack.  When you open up a pack, we hope that the new glasses we’ve crafted will, in turn, inspire your creativity. Always be sure to let us know what your favorites are — we often make those available in larger sheets.

The FusersReserve-10 pack contains a random assortment of ten 12 x 12 in. sheets of Fusers’ Reserve products. The exact configuration of colors and mixes will differ with each round of FusersReserve-10 production — but all packs will provide a creative range of new possibilities for every level of glass fusing.

Note: Mix shown in photo is representational only.


Produced by Spectrum®.

For information and ideas about how to use these popular glasses, please see the Fusers’ Reserve page of the Tips and Tutorials section.