Kathy Hoppe

Kathy Hoppe

Rods are produced by Uroboros.

System 96® Rods provide glassblowers and torchworkers the stabile color and smooth workability for which System 96 products are widely praised.

For glassblowers, using System 96 machine made rods (aka cane) provides uniform color and dependable COE at less cost than hand pulling in the studio. World-class blowers are increasingly choosing our rods (cane) in both 6mm and 10mm for lines for color layers.

For torchworkers, System 96 rods provide a dependable glass for all soft glass work, with the added benefit that finished pieces can then be incorporated into fused, cast, or blown work. The common COE with fusing and blowing glasses worldwide make System 96 rods a natural choice.

For fusers and casters, System 96 rods are a handy way to introduce a crisp linear element into your designs. Use them straight, or bend them to suit. Rods are also commonly nipped to create “Rod Dots” in fusing designs.

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