PreCutBasesPre-Cut Bases are produced by Spectrum®.

Pre-Cut Bases reduce prep-time and frustration — leaving you free to concentrate on the creative fun. Included in the offerings are Circles, Hearts, and a Tree shape — that can be difficult to cut by hand.

The (approx.) 9″ laser-cut 128AVSF Base comes with a matching 100SFS Cap. Fuse and decorate for sparkling holiday fun. Check out the Project Guide for decorating ideas, firing schedules, and other recommendations.

Circles Size Description
GBC-12-100 12 in. Clear
GBC-12-1009 12 in Black
GBC-12-200 12 in Opal White
GBC-10DT-100 10 in. Clear Double Thick
GBC-10-100 10 in. Clear
GBC-10-1009 10 in. Black
GBC-10-200 10 in. Opal White
GBC-8-100 8 in. Clear
GBC-8-1009 8 in. Black
GBC-8-200 8 in. Opal White
GBC-6-100 6 in. Clear
GBC-6-1009 6 in. Black
GBC-6-200 6 in. Opal White
Hearts Size Description
GBH-6-200 6 in. Opal White
GBH-8-200 8 in. Opal White