Frit is produced by Uroboros.

Crushed glass frit is made from glass recycled from the production of fusible sheet glass at both Uroboros and Spectrum® Glass companies. All pieces salvaged for use as Frit are separated from all other glass at the time of production to that insure purity and expansion tolerance standards for frit are consistently met. Fine and Powder grades are magnetically cleaned of metal residues, and all grades are fuse tested to the System 96® clear fusing standard after crushing and sizing.

System 96 frit is made in 5 sizes. Custom sizes can be made upon request. The standard sizes are:

• F1 Powder (.13mm to .25mm)
• F2 Fine (.25mm to .75mm)
• F3 Medium (.75mm to 2.5mm)
• F5 Coarse (2.5mm to 7.6mm)
• F7 Mosaic (7.6mm to 15mm)

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