Fried Eggs by Elizabeth Johnson (Frit)

We call it “Accessory Glass” but these products are often the most fun to use and can help create very unique and interesting effects in your work. The range of System 96® Accessory products include:

  • Frit (crushed glass in five particle sizes)
  • Stringer (Spaghetti-like glass strands)
  • Noodle (Fettuccini-like glass strips)
  • Rods (Pencil-thin glass used in fused and torch work)
  • Confetti (Very thin shards of blown glass)
  • Pebbles (Glass droplets about 1/2 –inch in diameter)
  • Pre-cut Bases (Easiest way to get a project started)
  • STRIPES (Striped glass!)
  • CutUps (Water-jet cut glass accents)