Surface texture is an optical component of every kiln-fired project. Texture can be the primary focus, especially if backfilled with a contrasting Frit color. Firing time and temperature variation controls degree of texture detail in the finished project.

(S) = Spectrum®  (U) = Uroboros
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50-00-96IR 50-00-96 IR
Clear Iridescent Herringbone Ripple (U)
80-00-96 80-00-96
Clear Radium (U)
80-00-96IR 80-00-96 IR
Clear Radium Iridescent (U)
58-00-96 58-00-96
Clear Radium Ripple (U)
58-00-96IR 58-00-96 IR
Clear Iridescent Radium Ripple (U)