Mardi Gras

Dramatic combinations of Stringer and Frit hand cast into sheet glass. Slice, dice, stack and fuse for stunning effects. Saves time and prevents bubble entrapment compared to separate assembly at the kiln.

Image: Patty Gray/Ryan Staub

(S) = Spectrum®  (U) = Uroboros
taxonomy header
13-2602-96Yellow 13-2602-96
Mardi Gras Yellow (U)
13-2502-96Red 13-2502-96
Mardi Gras Red (U)
13-5333-96Aqua 13-5333-96
Mardi Gras Deep Aqua (U)
13-5262-96Green 13-5262-96
Mardi Gras Moss Green (U)
13-56-96Black 13-56-96
Mardi Gras Black (U)
13-200-96WHITE 13-200-96
Mardi Gras White (U)