After cutting and stacking layers of compatible glass together, the project was put in a kiln and fired hot enough to melt the layers together. To form the piece into a dish, it was placed on a ceramic mold and fired a second time — just to the softening point — causing the glass to take the shape of the mold.

At its simplest, glass fusing is a process in which formulated compatible* glass is assembled and then melted/fused together in a kiln. The illustration to the right breaks down the basic steps required to make a colorful geometric dish by simply cutting and stacking blocks of Transparent & Opalescent color onto a glass base. To learn basic glass cutting, and watch a video of this project being cut and assembled, click the links below:

Retro Square Project Video

Basic Cutting & Tools

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With an incredibly wide range of techniques and working methods, an interest in glass fusing can span a lifetime of exploration.

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*To make sure you’re purchasing genuine tested compatible System 96® products, always look for the System 96 red triangle logo, and ask for it by name.