From the “Adventures in Paradise” series by Rick Strini

System 96® is not a company, it is a family of tested-compatible glass products. Every one of our products has been designed and produced to work together, both technically and artistically, in every facet of the hot glass arts; Glass Fusing, Glass Kiln Casting, Glass Blowing, and Glass Torchwork.

The System 96 family is produced in the United States by Spectrum® Glass Company (Woodinville, WA) and Uroboros® Glass Studios (Portland, OR). Spectrum and Uroboros together, bring over 60 years of art glass manufacturing expertise to the hot glass community and the fast-growing kilnformed glass arts. We are dedicated to making these arts affordable, accessible, and friendly for everyone.

System 96 users tend to be passionate about the brand. The glass is soft and forgiving to cut. Surfaces are largely smooth and uniform. Compatibility is assured, “devit” is practically non-existent, and the price is substantially less than competing products.

Perfect for the beginner, outstanding for the professional. Welcome to System 96.